Stark Sworn Swords

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Unit Details

Stark Sworn Swords.jpg

Faction Stark
Class Combat Unit
Type Infantry
Points Cost 5

Unit Abilities

Icon Melee.png Stark Fury
Before rolling dice, this attack may gain +1 to Hit and Critical Blow (Rolls of 6 deal 2 Hits). If it does, after this attack has been completed, unless this unit only has 1 remaining rank, it suffers D3 Wounds.

Unit Overview

Sworn Swords are the bedrock upon which House Stark commanders base their strategies. Brave, capable, and overwhelmingly loyal to the Direwolf banner, Sworn Swords would rather perish to a man than abandon their brothers in battle. While perhaps not as well found in arms and armor as wealthier houses, these men know that gold alone does not a warrior make.

Product Details

SIF001 - Starter Set - Stark vs Lannister
SIF101 - Stark Sworn Swords