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Welcome to A Song of Ice and Fire : Tabletop Miniatures Game Wiki, the most comprehensive repository of game knowledge, rules, FAQ's and community content available online! Sign up and submit your feedback on each page under the 'discussion' link. Currently, users are not permitted to edit or add content.

With increasing hosting costs we have added a donate button to allow supporters to contribute to the maintenance of both the Wiki and also CardBot for the Discord Server! We REALLY appreciate anything you can do to help us keep running! PayPal.png


Click on a sigil to view a complete list of game cards for each faction.


Beta Testing Resources

We have collected together all recent Game Mode feedback in one place, including a feedback form to give structure to our updates. Just click below to go to the relevant resource and please share your feedback as best you can!

Community Feedback Form

Feedback form.JPG

Mini Campaign Mode

First in Battle.JPG

Game Modes

On An Open Field.JPG No Foe May Pass.JPG We Guard The Way.JPG

Here We Stand.JPG Light In Darkness.JPG Honed And Ready.JPG

August 2020

FAQ v1.6 released! Wiki updated!

New Releases August 2020

New Releases Feb 2020

v1.5.1 SONG Update Guide

Printer Friendly Updated Cards

Card Update Gallery (clickable)

The wiki features a fully searchable database of all cards and abilities. Navigate to a card to see both the update history as well as any official FAQ's which reference that asset.

New Releases Jan 2020

Secret Mission Cards

Knowing these cards is pivotal in winning games. Often players struggle with game modes including these cards, but knowing these cards can allow you to anticipate your opponent's plays and be reactive to the game state.

Objective Card Library

Just added the Objective Cards used in A Game of Thrones and A Dance with Dragons game modes to the Wiki.

ASOIAFWiki Terrain Cards

As a thank you for your recent support and donations and as a festive gift to the community, I've put together a series of tarot sized cards for each Terrain piece and featuring all relevant keywords for each piece. You can use them as a reference when playing, or even use them to randomize your scenery selection, it's up to you! These are 100% unofficial and are no way endorsed or supported by CMON.

The PDF is letter-sized as is print-ready. However, please test print before committing to more expensive production. Enjoy!

Tarot Sized Terrain Cards PDF Download - Letter Sized Paper


Due to the nature of PDF's I've been told some printers are having issues with artifacts, missing text and lines through the cards. One thing to try is printing the PDF as an image, which does solve the issue in some cases.

Make sure you select 'Actual Size' when printing the PDF.

Then click 'Advanced'

Print troubleshoot 1.JPG

Then select 'Print As Image'

Print troubleshoot 2.JPG

Kingsguard Visual Guide

Simple, at a glance guide to help you to put the right Kingsguard mini in your army case! (we've all done it... right?)

Kingsguard Model Guide

v1.5 SONG Survival Guide

A Song of Ice and Fire : Tabletop Miniatures Game has just dropped its biggest update since launch. v1.5 features balance and adjustments to many areas of the game with updates to :

1) Rules
2) Combat Unit/NCU/Attachment Cards
3) FAQ Updates

Being a comprehensive update, there is a lot to get your head around, so we have assembled all the new info we have in once place, your survival guide!

Print Ready Cards PDF Downloads

To facilitate getting the correct cards to the community, we have uploaded two PDF's which feature 'print ready' arrangements of cards on letter paper size.

Typically you should have to print only one copy of the Regular Sized cards file, and multiples of the Tarot sized Combat Unit Cards.

UPDATE : Now with v1.4 card updates too!

UPDATE 2 : Added Tywin's v1.4 card which was missing from the v1.5 card list.

Letter Sized

Card Update Gallery (clickable)

The wiki features a fully searchable database of all cards and abilities. Navigate to a card to see both the update history as well as any official FAQ's which reference that asset.

v1.5 Information Hub

v1.5 FAQ Documents


Community Resources

Wiki Updates

  • Updated v1.5 cards are now available on the Wiki, along with updated abilities, points costs and text
  • FAQ details now added to each relevant game asset. If you have a question, the FAQ clarification will now feature on the entry
  • Revision history sections now explicitly added to the assets themselves, so you can see when something was last updated.
  • We updated the faction pages to be all graphical now on desktop! You can see an entire factions cards on one page

Game Rules


Rulebook format

  1. Game Setup
  2. Common Game Terms
  3. Game Round
    1. Activation Phase
    2. Clean-Up Phase
  4. Unit Types
    1. Combat Units
    2. Attachments
    3. Non-Combat Units
  5. Line of Sight
  6. Actions
    1. Maneuver
    2. March
    3. Retreat
    4. Attack
      1. Ranged Attack
      2. Melee Attack
    5. Charge
      1. Disorderly Charge
      2. Failed Charge
  7. Resolving Attacks
    1. Surge Forth
    2. Combat Bonuses
  8. Morale Tests & Panic
    1. Panic Test
  9. The Tactics Board and Non-Combat Units
    1. Non-Combat Unit Actions
  10. Commanders & the Tactics Deck
    1. Army Commander
    2. Tactics Deck
      1. Playing Tactics Cards
  11. Additonal Rules
    1. Pre-measuring
    2. Timing Conflicts
    3. Simultaneous Actions
    4. Re-rolls
    5. Ability Stacking
    6. Wounds
    7. Orders
    8. Condition Tokens
    9. Dice Roll Modifiers
  12. Army Construction
    1. Determine Game Size
    2. Select Faction
    3. Select Commander
    4. Construct Tactics Deck
    5. Add Units/Attachments
    6. Neutral Units
  13. Multiplayer
    1. Team Games
    2. Free-For-All
  14. Terrain
    1. Terrain Keywords
    2. Terrain Examples
  15. Game Modes, Victory & Battlefield Setup
    1. Game Modes
      1. A Clash of Kings
      2. A Dance with Dragons
      3. A Feast for Crows
      4. A Game of Thrones
      5. A Storm of Swords
      6. Dark Wings, Dark Words
      7. Fire & Blood
      8. Winds of Winter
    2. Victory
      1. Victory Through Combat
    3. Battlefield Setup
    4. Deployment
    5. Beginning The Game


Our product database allows you to track down the card or model you need to complete your army and view all the components of that boxed set.

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