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Wounds represent the overall health of a unit. In most cases, when a unit suffers Wounds, 1 model is removed from the unit for each Wound suffered. Some effects will say to deal a unit a number of Wounds. Wounds do not allow ‘’’Defense Saves’’’. They are automatic damage to the unit.

When representing Wounds, models are always removed from the last remaining ‘’’Rank’’’ in the unit and from right to left. Attachments are always the last models removed from a unit.

Multiple Wound Units

Some units might have Abilities that state each model in the unit has multiple Wounds. Each Ability will also state how many Wounds each of these models has. When that unit suffers Wounds, they are distributed exactly as normal, except each model is only removed when it suffers the listed amount of Wounds. Wounds cannot be spread across multiple models in a unit. Whole models must be removed.

If units with Wounds are ever healed, Wounds would first be removed from existing models. If there are no currently-wounded models, and models have been destroyed in the unit, then a model is restored to the unit, with Wounds based on however much it was healed.


A unit of Stark Outriders has an Ability that states that they have 3 Wounds each. If the unit suffers 4 Wounds, the first 3 would be assigned to 1 Outrider, removing the model. The remaining 1 would be assigned on the next model, placing a Wound token on it, but it would not be removed until the unit suffers at least 2 more Wounds.