Winter Is Coming

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Tactics Card Details

Winter Is Coming.jpg

Faction Stark
Type Tactics Card
Commander Generic

Tactics Text

Winter Is Coming
When a friendly unit declares a Charge :

Your opponent may not play Tactics cards or use Orders for the remainder of this turn.

If you control Tactics Combat.pngany enemy they successfully Charge also becomes Panicked.

Product Details

SIF001 - Starter Set - Stark vs Lannister

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my opponent respond to this card being played with Orders and Tactics cards?

Winter is Coming only prevents Orders/Tactics cards once it has resolved, so there is a brief window where enemy Orders/Tactics cards can be played against it; Specifically, effects with the trigger “When an opponent plays a Tactics card” (such as Counterplot, for example, which has a chance to cancel Winter is Coming entirely, or if an opponent had an Order with a similar effect).[1]