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One aspect that sets the Night's Watch apart from any existing faction is their Tactics Cards, which incorporate the unique Vow mechanic.

Night's Watch Tactics Cards function mostly the same as the existing cards for other Factions with one exception: Most of them carry the Vow keyword and Ability, which states that after the Tactics Card is resolved it is then equipped to a friendly Combat Unit, granting them an additional Ability based on controlling a specific zone of the Tactics Board. These effects can range from additional Attack Dice for controlling the Combat Zone Combat Zone, automatically blocking incoming damage while controlling the Wealth Zone Wealth Zone, to even placing Condition Tokens on enemies by controlling the Crown Crown.

Night's Watch Tactics Cards

...It Shall Not End Until My Death!.jpg
And Now His Watch Is Ended.jpg
Bulwark Formation.jpg
Defensive Counter.jpg
Duty To The Watch.jpg
For The Watch!.jpg
Hold The Line.jpg
Mighty Enhancement.jpg
Night Gathers....jpg
Pathetic Attempt.jpg
Precision Enhancement.jpg
Ruthless Approach.jpg
Seeing Their Flaws.jpg
Serrated Enhancement.jpg
Stand United, Brothers!.jpg
Take The Black.jpg
The Fire That Burns Against The Cold.jpg
The Horn That Wakes The Sleepers.jpg
The Shield Of The Realms Of Men.jpg
The Sword In The Darkness.jpg
The Watcher On The Wall.jpg
Unwavering Conviction (Night's Watch).jpg