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Each Game Mode, in addition to its other special rules, will also list a method by which players can gain Victory Points, which are used to determine the winner of the game.

All Game Modes

The following rules apply to all Game Modes:

  • Victory is declared if, at the end of any round, a player has accumulated a specific number of Victory Points (based on game size) and has more Victory Points than any opponent (so in the event of both players having the required number of Victory Points at the end of the round, no winner would be declared and the game would continue).
  • The number of Victory Points needed to win is based on game size:
Size Army Points Victory Points
Small 30 pts 8 Victory Points
Medium 40 pts 10 Victory Points
Large 50 pts 12 Victory Points

(Increase Victory Point requirement by 2 for every 10 additional points being played).

  • If, after the 6th round has been completed, Victory has not been declared, the winner is the player with the most Victory Points. If this is tied, then the tied player with the most points remaining on the table wins. If this is still tied, the game ends in a draw.
  • If a player ever has no Combat Units remaining on the table, they are eliminated. In a 2-player game, this means their opponent immediately wins, regardless of total Victory Points.

Victory Through Combat

In addition to any methods listed in the Game Mode, a player always earns 1 Victory Point when they destroy an enemy Combat Unit.[1] In the event that a unit is destroyed by an effect generated by their owner, or an effect not controlled by any player, each of their opponents will earn 1 Victory Point.


  1. Removed: units costing 0 points do not grant Victory Points. Game Modes v1.4