Tully Cavaliers

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Unit Details

House Tully Cavaliers.jpg
Faction Stark
Class Combat Unit
Type Cavalry
Points Cost 9

Unit Abilities

Icon Innate.png Cavalry
Each model in this unit has 3 Wounds.
At the start of this unit's activation, it may make a free Maneuver action.
Icon Melee.png Lance
When Charging, this attack rolls +3 dice, and gains Critical Blow (Rolls of 6 deal 2 Hits) and Sundering (Defenders suffer -1 to their Defense Save rolls.)
While within Short Range of this unit, other friendly units gain +1 to Morale Test rolls.

Unit Overview

Heavily armed, heavily armoured, and with all the speed that cavalry commands, House Tully's Cavaliers are renowned for their devastating charegs that can shatter even the hardest enemy line. The mere threat of an imminent charge forces enemy commanders to respond, allowing the Cavalier commander to project force against an enemy line without even engaging. A wise commander will have troops standing ready to exploit the chaos Cavaliers leave in their wake.

Product Details

SIF108 - Tully Cavaliers