The Warrior's Sons

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Unit Details

The Warrior's Sons.jpg
Faction Lannister
Class Combat Unit
Type Infantry
Points Cost 8

Unit Abilities

Icon Faith.png Battle Prayer
Each time this unit passes a Morale Test, it gains 1 Faith token. It may expend Faith tokens to do the following :
  • When this unit attacks, before the Attack dice are rolled :
    • The defender becomes Panicked and Vulnerable.
  • When this unit is attacked, after Attack dice are rolled :
    • This unit gains +1 to Defense Save rolls for this attack for each of its destroyed ranks.

Unit Overview

Whether noble-born or ennobled, the Warrior's Sons come from knightly backgrounds and devote their expertise in the service to the Seven. Armed with shining swords, armored in heavy plate, and fortified by their unshakable faith, the Warrior's Sons will reliably hold or advance upon any objective. When beret by impossible odds, the Sons are at their best, even when the situation might seem hopelessly desperate.

Product Details

SIF207 - The Warrior's Sons

Revision History


  • Anointed Blade - Attack Profile changed from 7,5,4 to 8,6,4
  • Anointed Blade - Attack Hit changed from 4+ to 3+
  • Battle Prayer reworked