The Bonelord's Chosen

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Unit Details

The Bonelord's Chosen.jpg

Faction Free Folk
Class Combat Unit
Type Infantry
Points Cost 8


May only be fielded in an army including Rattleshirt. He must be added to this unit.

Unit Abilities

Icon Melee.png Jagged Weapons
Vicious: (Defenders suffer -2 to their Panic Tests.)
Horrific Visage

Each time an enemy targets this unit with a Melee Attack, that enemy suffers a Panic Test before resolving that Attack.

Cut Them Down!
When an enemy engaged with this unit fails a Panic Test, they suffer 2 additional Wounds.

The Bonelord's Chosen represent the strongest, most savage among the Followers of Bone. Each Chosen takes his place by killing his predecessor through ritual combat. The new Chosen's armor uses bones from their predecessor, through augmented with animla bones for greater protection. The Chosen may appear as mere savages, but Night's Watch veterans warn their brothers to beware of their exceptional cunning and surprising skill at arms.

Product Details

SIF409 - Free Folk Heroes 1

Revision History


  • Vicious added to Melee Attack
  • Attack profile increased to 8/7/6
  • Morale increased from “6+” to “5+”
  • Ability: Prey on Fear removed
Prey On Fear
Each time an enemy engaged with this unit fails a Panic Test, this unit may restore up to 2 Wounds.
  • Ability: Cut Them Down! added
  • Restriction of Rattleshirt (Lord of Bones) changed to just Rattleshirt (any version)