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Terrain makes up the non-model elements of the battlefield, such as trees, ruins, rocks etc.

Terrain plays an important part in every battlefield. Each type of Terrain is unique, with its own special keywords that define its rules. In addition to Terrain detailed below, new Terrain pieces may be introduced in other ASOIAFTMG products. If a chosen Terrain piece does not fall into one of the listed categories, you should discuss with your opponent what keywords the Terrain has.

Unless a Terrain piece has the Impassable keyword, any unit may end a move on top of it. If there would be difficulty with the unit standing on the Terrain piece, it is acceptable to remove the Terrain piece from the table (noting where it is) until the unit moves in such a way that the Terrain piece could be placed back down.

Terrain Keywords[1]

Here is a list of the most common keywords associated with Terrain pieces:

  • BLOCKS LINE OF SIGHT: Line of Sight may not be traced through this Terrain piece by units not inside this Terrain piece.
  • COVER: When tracing LoS for Ranged Attacks, if the majority of the defender’s tray is concealed by this Terrain piece, the attacker suffers -1 To Hit with their Ranged Attack.
  • DANGEROUS: Units performing Actions while within this terrain piece, or units that cross it while moving, suffer D3+1 Wounds after completing that Action/move.
  • DESTRUCTIBLE: While within 1” of this Terrain piece, units may make a Melee Attack Action targeting it to automatically remove it from play.
  • ELEVATED: Units on this Terrain piece may ignore intervening units and Terrain when making Ranged Attacks.
  • FORTIFIED: Units that move through or end on this Terrain piece while Charging lose their Charge Bonus, and the defender gains +1 to their Defense Save Rolls vs. this attack.
  • HINDERING: Units must roll 2 dice when Charging into, out of, or through this Terrain and select the lowest result. When Charging, units suffer a Disorderly Charge on a roll of 1 or 2 if they cross this Terrain piece.
  • HORRIFIC: While within Short Range of this Terrain piece, units suffer -1 to Morale Test rolls (Reminder: Effects with the same name are not cumulative).
  • IMPASSABLE: Units may pivot over, but otherwise never move into, through, or end overlapping, this Terrain piece.
  • INSPIRING: While within Short Range of this Terrain piece, units gain +1 to Morale Test rolls (Reminder: Effects with the same name are not cumulative).
  • ROUGH: Units moving into, out of, or through this Terrain piece subtract 1” from the total distance they would move.

Terrain Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a unit standing on stakes, will attacking the stakes and destroying them make the unit take D3 wounds?


If I Charge and end on top of Stakes, do I suffer D3+1 Wounds twice?

No. The unit would suffer D3+1 Wounds immediately upon completing their move through the Stakes (eg. before they resolve their Melee Attack), but would only suffer this damage once.[3]


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