Team Games

From A Song of Ice and Fire : TMG Wiki

If you wish to play a Team Game, the following rules apply:

  • All players should agree to a Game Size and then construct their own army per the normal rules. For quicker Team Games (2v2), the recommended Game Size is 20 points per player.
  • Character restrictions carry across all friendly armies, meaning a Character may only appear once throughout the entire team.
  • Each player has access to their own Tactics Deck, per the normal rules.
  • Setup is the same for each Game Mode.
  • The First Player token is passed between teams, not individual players.
  • On a team's Turn, they will decide between 1 of their collective units to Activate, and then play passes to the opposing team.
  • Victory Points are earned by the team, not an individual. All Victory Conditions apply as normal.
  • All effects from your teammate(s) are Friendly, and your units are all considered friendly units.