Tactics Card

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In addition to your various units, your army will also make use of a special deck of cards known as Tactics Cards (together forming a Tactics Deck), representing the various strategies your chosen Faction uses when it goes to war.

Each Tactics Card lists the following information:

Sample Tactics Card

Tactics Deck

Your Tactics Deck is constructed of 7 different Faction Tactics Cards, determined by your chosen Faction, and 3 different Commander Tactics cards, determined by your Army Commander. There are 2 copies of each card, combining to form a 20-card Tactics Deck. You will begin the game with a hand of 3 Tactics cards, drawing more as the game goes on.

Playing Tactics Cards

Each Tactics Card lists a specific trigger at the top, showing when the card can be played. Once a card is played, it is placed in your deck’s discard pile, faceup. The discard pile is open information for all players.

Note that sometimes you might have multiple Tactics Cards with the same trigger. However, a player may only ever activate 1 effect for each trigger (see Timing Conflict).

Available Cards

House Lannister House Stark
Neutral Night's Watch
Free Folk House Targaryen