Styr - Iron-Fisted Tyrant

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NCU Details

Styr - Iron-Fisted Tyrant.jpg

Faction Free Folk
Class Non-Combat Unit
Points Cost 4

"These are wildlings... more beast than man." - Bowen Marsh

NCU Abilities

Fury Of The Thenns
Influence (When this unit claims a Tactics Zone, attach this card to a Combat Unit until the end of the round):

While Influencing a friendly unit, each time that unit attacks, it deals an additional D3 Wounds.

When this card is removed from a unit (friendly or enemy), that unit suffers D3 automatic Hits.

Product Details

SIF409 - Free Folk Heroes 1

Frequently Asked Questions

If I attach Styr to an enemy Combat Unit, do they suffer D3 Hits when he is removed?



Revision History


  • Cost increased from “3” to “4”
  • Ability text modified (no mechanical change)