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Unit Details


Faction Free Folk
Class Combat Unit
Type Infantry
Points Cost 4

Unit Abilities

Icon Ranged.png Spear Toss
  • Short Range
Icon Melee.png Crude Spear
When Charging, this attack gains Sundering (Defenders suffer -1 to Defense Save rolls.

Unit Description

While warfare is largely the province of men in the south, the Free Folk women are more than capable of standing beside the men in a line-of-battle. While not suited as a vanguard, the Spearwives make for superior flankers, both on assault and for protection against chrages. Their weapons may be crude, but they're plentiful, cheap, and the Spearwives hurl them with deadly accuracy. Intelligent commanders can make full use of this capability.

Product Details

SIF405 - Spearwives

Revision History


  • Points cost decreased from 5 to 4 points.