Simultaneous Actions

From A Song of Ice and Fire : TMG Wiki

There might arise situations where both players wish to trigger an effect or play a card at the same time, or multiple effects would trigger simultaneously. When this happens, they are resolved in the following order:

  1. If all effects are controlled by the same player, they may choose the order in which they resolve.
  2. If the effects are controlled by different players, the player whose turn it is will have first opportunity to trigger and resolve their effect. If they choose not to activate any effects, then their opponent will get the opportunity to activate their effects. Once the active player passes to their opponent, they may not then respond with their effects. They have given up their chance to do so!

Example 1

It is Player A’s turn and they have a Tactics card with the trigger When a friendly unit attacks. Player B has a Tactics card with the trigger When an enemy unit attacks. Player A must declare their use of their card first. Player B, upon seeing this, may then decide whether or not they wish to use their card.

Example 2

In the same scenario as above, Player A has decided not to use their Tactics card. Player B then has the opportunity to play their card and chooses to do so. Player A may not at this point play their card, having given up the chance to do so when they passed to Player B.