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Unit Details


Faction Stark
Class Combat Unit
Type Monster
Points Cost 0


May only be fielded in an army including Rickon Stark.

Unit Abilities

Icon Innate.png Direwolf
* This model has 2 Wounds
* At the start of this model's activation, it may make a free Maneuver action.
Icon Melee.png Savage Mauling
  • Vicious (Defenders suffer -2 to their Panic Test).

Unit Overview

Of the Stark direwolves, Shaggydog proved to be the most feral, prone to lashing out against anyone that upset his master, young Rickon Stark. Rickon's childlike tantrums and fits of rage translated themselves to Shaggydog, a dangerous situation as even young direwolves can be deadly. In armed conflicts, however, Shaggydog's fearsome protectiveness and savagery were right at home. None could threaten Rickon without facing fangs and fury.


Shaggydog may only be included in your army with Rickon Stark - Prince Of Winterfell attachment.

Product Details

SIF110 - Stark Heroes 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any reason not to attach a Solo Tray miniature to the tray, seeing as the tray would be removed as the mini is removed? I don't want to break any rules.

No. Remember to upload your pictures on the painting section later![1]