Scorpion Modifications

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Attachment Details

Scorpion Modifications.jpg

Faction Night's Watch
Class Attachment
Type Infantry
Points Cost 1

"You thought they were overpowered previously?"


This card may only be included in your army if it also includes Othell Yarwyck. It is attached to a friendly Builder Scorpion Crew unit. You may ignore the Limited Rule of Builder Scorpion Crews. .

Attachment Abilities

Icon Order.png Order : Ready! Aim! Fire!
When this unit is targeted for a Charge from the Front : This unit may make 1 Ranged Attack action against that enemy before they resolve their Charge action.
Rapid Reload
When this unit is targeted by Tactics Maneuver.png it may replace that zone's effect with : This unit may make 1 free Ranged Attack

Product Details

SIF309 - Night's Watch Heroes 1

Revision History


  • Order: Cost reduced from “2” to “1”