Savage Giant

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Unit Details

Savage Giant.jpg

Faction Free Folk
Class Combat Unit
Type Monster
Points Cost 7

Unit Abilities

Icon Innate.png Giant
  • This model has 6 Wounds
  • This model only suffers 1 Wound for every 2 unblocked Hits from any attack or effect (discarding any remainders), and can only suffer a maximum of 2 Wounds from failed Panic Tests (including effects and abilities).
Mighty Swing
If this attack generates any Hits, instead of rolling Defense dice, the defender suffers D3+1 Wounds, +1 addition Wound for each Wound on this model.

Although considered a myth by most southern Westerosi lords, the Savage Giants beyond the Wall are all too real, as the Night's Watch will attest. These huge creates wear no armor, and wield little more than crude mammoth bones or tree trunks. Yet, this is all they really need. A single giant can lay waste to the heaviest infantry, and virtually ignore a line of charging knights. Only raw numbers or mighty siege weapons can bring a Giant down.

Product Details

SIF003 - Starter Set - Free Folk
SIF406 - Savage Giants

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Giant’s Mighty Swing attack deal more Wounds starting off, or deal more as they suffer Wounds?

Mighty Swing deals +1 Wound for each Wound the Giant has suffered, meaning they are deadlier when near death.[1]

If the Giant’s Mighty Swing gains more attack dice, and generates more than one hit, do I roll more D3’s to wound?

No, Mighty Swing replaces all generated Hits with one D3.[2]


Revision History


  • Giant Ability reworked to allow a maximum of 2 Wounds from Panic.
  • Wounds total increased from “5” to “6’”
  • Mighty Swing base damage increased from D3+1 to D3+2
  • Morale reduced from “3+” to “4+”