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The Stormcrows Take To the Field

But what if a player is looking to add a ranged threat to their army? That’s where the Stormcrow Archers come in. They come equipped with both a Shortsword as well as a Longbow, rolling 6 and 7 dice for these attacks, respectively, when at full ranks. As ranged experts, they hit slightly more regularly with their bows than with their swords. Their long-range Longbow attacks hit on a 4+ as opposed to the Shortsword’s 5+. As they aren’t expected to be caught in direct conflict with the enemy, their Defense Save is a mere 5+ and their Morale is an 8+. They are not a unit who wants to be attacked by the enemy (as if any unit truly does). Their special abilities they share with the regular Stormcrow Mercenaries unit, having both Adaptive and Motivated by Coin. As such, the unit can also have a Unit Attachment added to them for cheaper than usual, and they can exchange regaining Wounds for making an extra Attack. Like before, this is a unit designed for players who want to take the fight to the enemy and keep punching as quickly and hard as possible.

While the Stormcrow Mercenary Company may not hold strong loyalties to any of the Houses or creed, their love of money means that they will fight to the end for anyone willing to pay their price. And if a commander happens to throw in a few bonus coins, they are willing to fight all the harder. To them, victory is secondary to a good pay day, though the former often produces the latter.

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