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A Song of Ice and Fire is played over a number of Rounds. Each round is composed of a number of Turns.

Activation Phase

The Activation Phase is where the majority of gameplay happens. It is comprised of a series of individual turns, in which players will alternate activating their various units. The First Player takes the first turn of each round. On a player's turn, they will perform the following steps, in order:

  • Resolve any Start of Turn effects: Sometimes, players will have effects that specifically trigger at the start of a turn. These effects are resolved before anything else on a player's turn.
  • Select 1 unit to activate: The player will now select 1 of their units that has not yet activated this round to activate. This may be either a Combat Unit or a Non-Combat Unit. This is known as a unit's activation.[1]
  • Unit performs action: The unit will then select and resolve 1 Action.[2]
  • Once that unit has completed its actions, all players will have 1 additional opportunity to play any cards, trigger Abilities, etc. before the turn ends.

Once these steps have been completed, that player's turn ends and their opponent's turn begins. Players will continue back and further, taking alternating turns, until all units have been activated. On their turn, a player must select an un-activated unit to activate. They cannot voluntarily pass if they still have units left to activate!

If they do not have any units left to activate, they must pass their turn to their opponent until their opponent has activated all their remaining units. Only once all units have been activated does the Activation Phase end and the Clean-Up Phase begin.

Clean-Up Phase

During this phase, the following steps should be taken, in order:

  • Resolve any effects that trigger "At the End of the Round".
  • Score Victory Points (if applicable to the chosen Game Mode).
  • Check to see if Victory Conditions have been met.
  • Remove all Activation Tokens from all units.
  • Remove all models from the Tactics Board.
  • Remove all Influence effects from units.
  • Players may freely discard any Tactics Cards from their hand.
  • They will then draw until their hand contains 3 Tactics Cards.
    • There is no limit to the amount of Tactics cards a player may have in their hand, but they will only draw additional cards at the end of the round if their hand contains fewer than 3.
    • Tactics Decks are not replenished if they are used up! If a player should ever attempt to draw cards from their deck, but their deck does not contain enough cards, they only get to draw however many they can!
  • Pass the First Player token to your opponent.
  • Advance the Round Track by 1.

Once these steps are completed, the round ends and a new one begins.

  1. Updated in 1.5
  2. Added in 1.5