Rickon Stark - Prince Of Winterfell

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Attachment Details

Rickon Stark - Prince Of Winterfell.jpg

Faction Stark
Class Attachment
Type Infantry
Points Cost 1

"Are we going where Shaggydog is?" - Rickon Stark

Attachment Abilities

Valuable Captive
This model is always the last model destroyed from this unit. When this unit is destroyed, your opponent gains +1 additional Victory Point.


Including Rickon Stark - Prince Of Winterfell in your army allows you to also include Shaggydog at 0 point cost.

Product Details

SIF110 - Stark Heroes 2

Revision History


  • Points cost reduced from 2 to 1 point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rickon says he is always the last model removed from the unit. Does this mean he cannot be targeted by effects that kill/remove Attachments?

No, this is reminder text of the general rules for removing Attachments. Abilities/effects that specifically target and/or kill Attachments may still target him. It is very important to note, however, that Valuable Captive only triggers when the unit is destroyed. If Rickon is killed beforehand, the Ability will be lost.[1]