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The Retreat action allows an engaged unit to break away from its enemy, falling back out of combat.


Type Action

When a Combat Unit performs a Retreat action, you will first roll a D6. The Combat Unit may then move up to its Speed stat + the result of the D6 backward or sideways (or forward, if enemies are engaging from the Flank or Rear[1]) in a straight line (this is a rare case where a tray can be moved sideways or backwards without changing its facing). Once this move is completed, the unit may then Pivot to any facing.

Additionally, if after the Retreat is completed, the enemy unit (or units) are now unengaged, each of those enemies may immediately perform a free Pivot.


  • A Retreat action may only be performed while engaged with an enemy unit.
  • Retreat is subject to all normal movement rules, including not being able to move over, or end a move overlapping, an enemy unit's tray. This means there can be situations where a unit cannot legally perform a Retreat action (such as being surrounded from all sides, or there not being enough room for it to move and not end up with 1" of an enemy unit).[2]


Example Retreat 01.png

The Lannister Guardsmen wish to Retreat from the Stark Sworn Swords. They roll a D6 and the result is 2. They may move up to 6” (2 + their Speed Stat of 4) directly backwards or sideways.

Example Retreat 02.png

Once their move has been completed, the Guardsmen may pivot. Since the Stark Sworn Sword unit is no longer engaged, it also gets to pivot for free.


  1. Units may Retreat forward if engaged from flank/rear. FAQ v1.4
  2. Added for situations where a unit cannot legally complete Retreat. FAQ v1.4