Ranger Hunters

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Unit Details

Ranger Hunters.jpg

Faction Night's Watch
Class Combat Unit
Type Infantry
Points Cost 8

Unit Abilities

Icon Order.png Order : Quick Fire
After this unit completes a Maneuver or Retreat action : This unit may make 1 free Ranged Attack action.
Icon Ranged.png Short Bow
  • Short Range
Icon Melee.png Swift Strike

After this attack is completed, this unit may make a free Retreat action if engaged.

Unit Description

Often working hand-in-hand with Ranger Trackers, Ranger Hunters specialize in eliminating critical targets on the battlefield. While stealth is rarely an option in open battle, Hunters strike suddenly, exploiting weakened or vulnerable enemies, often eliminating them to a man before any serious resistance can mount. However, as with all light infantry, being bogged down in an extended melee can prove fatal, something any commander should avoid.

Product Details

SIF305 - Ranger Hunters

Revision History


  • Ability Opportunist removed
If this unit attacks an enemy that has not activated this round, it may re-roll any Misses.
  • Ability Quick Fire added