Qhorin Halfhand - Unwavering Ranger

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NCU Details

Qhorin Halfhand - Unwavering Ranger.jpg

Faction Night's Watch
Class Non-Combat Unit
Points Cost 4

"Our honor means no more than our lives, so long as the realm is safe." - Qhorin Halfhand

NCU Abilities

Sacrifice For The Cause
At the start of any turn, if Qhorin has not been activatedm you may kill him. If you do, target 1 enemy Unit. That enemy Unit may not Activate of perform Actions this round.
Sacrifice For The Cause
Influence (When this unit claims a Tactics Zone, attach this card to a Combat Unit until the end of the round):

While influencing a friendly Infantry unit, it gains +1 Icon Movement.png and rolls +1 Attack die.

Product Details

SIF309 - Night's Watch Heroes 1

Revision History


  • Sacrifice for the Cause ability reworked
  • Halfhand's Guidance ability added