Panic Test

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The most common type of Morale Test a unit will be forced to make is a Panic Test.


Panic Tests usually happen after a unit is attacked, but many other effects can cause them as well.

When a unit makes a Panic Test, it rolls 2 D6 dice and the D3 die and compares the combined result of the D6 dice to its Morale Stat. If it passes this test, nothing happens. On a failure, however, the unit will suffer 1 + the result of the D3 Wounds (meaning no Defense Save!).[1] Also note that if an Ability or effect would allow any dice to be re-rolled during a Panic Test, this includes the D3 die as well![2]


Example Panic Test 01.png

A unit of Stark Sworn Swords has just been attacked and, due to the attack, must now make a Panic Test. They roll 2 D6 dice and the D3 die. The combined result on the D6 dice is only a 4. This is 2 lower than their Morale Stat, meaning they have failed the test. They suffer 1 Wound, plus the result of the D3, for 2 Wounds total.[3]

Frequently Asked Questions

Do units suffer Panic Tests anytime they take damage?

No. Units are only ever forced to make Panic Tests from Attacks, or if an effect specifically says for them to do so.[4]


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