Non-Combat Unit

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Non-Combat Units (or NCUs) represent influential individuals working away from the battlefield to further the goals of their chosen House. These models are not deployed to the battlefield, but instead interact with the Tactics Board.


Non-Combat Unit card

Non-Combat Unit Actions

Unlike a Combat Unit, when a Non-Combat Unit is activated, it only has 1 action available to it: moving onto an empty zone of the Tactics Board. When it does so, it immediately triggers the effect of that zone, as described under it. While on that zone, the NCU controls it (which may trigger effects on other cards). Furthermore, many NCUs have additional Abilities that trigger when they claim a zone.

Non-Combat Unit Action

A Full Tactics Board

In the event that an NCU would activate, but there are no remaining empty zones on the Tactics Board, then that NCU does not move onto the Tactics Board, and its activation immediately ends.

Available Units