Night's Watch

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Night gathers and now my watch begins.

Night's Watch Sigil

Where do the unwanted go? The 4th or 5th sons of noblemen? The petty criminals? The bastards? The leftovers of society that seem to have no purpose? In Westeros, there’s always one place for them, The Wall. Far in the north, The Wall protects Westeros from the wild and untamable things lurking in the forests beyond it. Everyone in Westeros knows that winter is coming, and when it does, it’s going to be the Night’s Watch that man and guard The Wall that are the first and best line of defense.

Faction Playstyle

  • Grizzled and Hardened: Only the strong survive in the Night’s Watch, making them one of the toughest and most durable factions in the game.
  • Adapt and Overcome: The Watch must be prepared for any threat, and thus, while not excelling at any one aspect of war, they are capable of handling almost any threat.
  • Vows of the Watch: The Night’s Watch utilizes the unique Vow mechanic with their Tactics Cards, granting units new and powerful abilities once played.


One aspect that sets the Night's Watch apart from any existing faction is their Tactics Cards, which incorporate the unique Vow mechanic.

Night's Watch Tactics Cards function mostly the same as the existing cards for other Factions with one exception: Most of them carry the Vow keyword and Ability, which states that after the Tactics Card is resolved it is then equipped to a friendly Combat Unit, granting them an additional Ability based on controlling a specific zone of the Tactics Board. These effects can range from additional Attack Dice for controlling the Combat Zone Combat Zone, automatically blocking incoming damage while controlling the Wealth Zone Wealth Zone, to even placing Condition Tokens on enemies by controlling the Crown Crown.

Tactics Cards


And Now His Watch Is Ended.jpg
Take The Black.jpg
The Fire That Burns Against The Cold.jpg
The Horn That Wakes The Sleepers.jpg
The Shield Of The Realms Of Men.jpg
The Sword In The Darkness.jpg
The Watcher On The Wall.jpg

Alliser Thorne - Master-At-Arms

Pathetic Attempt.jpg
Ruthless Approach.jpg
Seeing Their Flaws.jpg

Donal Noye - Defender Of Castle Black

Bulwark Formation.jpg
Defensive Counter.jpg
Hold The Line.jpg

Jeor Mormont - 997th Lord Commander

Duty To The Watch.jpg
Night Gathers....jpg
Unwavering Conviction (Night's Watch).jpg

Jon Snow - 998th Lord Commander

...It Shall Not End Until My Death!.jpg
For The Watch!.jpg
Stand United, Brothers!.jpg

Othell Yarwick - First Builder

Mighty Enhancement.jpg
Precision Enhancement.jpg
Serrated Enhancement.jpg


Alliser Thorne - Master-At-Arms.jpg
Donal Noye - Defender Of Castle Black.jpg
Jeor Mormont - 997th Lord Commander.jpg
Jon Snow - 998th Lord Commander.jpg
Othell Yarwick - First Builder.jpg


Scorpion Modifications.jpg
Watch Captain.jpg
Watch Recruiter.jpg


Alliser Thorne - Master-At-Arms.jpg
Alliser Thorne - Vindictive Overseer.jpg
Donal Noye - Defender Of Castle Black.jpg
Grenn - Aurochs.jpg
Jeor Mormont - 997th Lord Commander.jpg
Jon Snow - "Lord Snow".jpg
Jon Snow - 998th Lord Commander.jpg
Othell Yarwick - Warmachine Specialist.jpg
Pypar - Monkey.jpg
Qhorin Halfhand - Grizzled Ranger.jpg

Combat Units


Builder Crossbowmen.jpg
Ranger Hunters.jpg
Sworn Brothers.jpg
Veterans Of The Watch.jpg


Ranger Trackers.jpg



War Machines

Builder Scorpion Crew.jpg
Builder Stone Thrower.jpg

Non-Combat Units

Aemon - Maester Of Castle Black.jpg
Bowen Marsh - First Steward.jpg
Craster - Ally Of Convenience.jpg
Donal Noye - Expert Blacksmith.jpg
Jeor Mormont - The Old Bear.jpg
Othell Yarwick - First Builder.jpg
Qhorin Halfhand - Unwavering Ranger.jpg