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Neutral Sigil

Throughout Westeros (and beyond), there exist a number of Minor Houses, Mercenary Companies, and noteworthy individuals who do not align themselves with any specific Faction, instead fighting for their own self-interests. These are collectively known as Neutral Units and can be included in any army.

Army Construction

When fielding Neutral Units, the only limitation is that you may never include more than 50% of your total points worth of Neutral Units. Note that this includes fielding a Neutral Commander in any army, as they do not cost points.

Alternatively, Neutral Units may also be played as their own Faction. If a player selects this option, their army may only include Neutral Units and Attachments. Other Factions may not be added.


You are playing a Medium Size Game (40 Points) and have chosen House Stark as your Faction. Your army could include up to 20 Points worth of Neutral Units, but the remaining 20 Points must come from the House Stark Faction.


Tactics Cards


Adaptive Methods.jpg
Cunning Scheme.jpg
Spoils Of War.jpg
Surprise Strategy.jpg
Wealth And Cunning.jpg
Worth The Reward.jpg

Daario Naharis - Stormcrow Captain

Forced March.jpg
Mercenary's Cunning.jpg
Reckless Strikes.jpg

Ramsey Snow - The Bastard Of Bolton

Cruel Methods.jpg
Our Blades Are Sharp.jpg
Sadistic Games.jpg

Roose Bolton - Lord Of The Dreadfort

A Flayed Man Has No Secrets.jpg
Calculated Cruelty.jpg
Fear Keeps A Man Alive.jpg

Vargo Hoat - The Goat of Harrenhal

Mummer's Tricks.jpg
Remorseless Assault.jpg
The Crippler's Infamy.jpg


Daario Naharis - Stormcrow Captain.jpg
Ramsey Snow - The Bastard Of Bolton.jpg
Roose Bolton - Lord Of The Dreadfort.jpg
Vargo Hoat - The Goat of Harrenhal.jpg



Bolton Flayer.jpg
Dreadfort Captain.jpg
Stormcrow Lieutenant.jpg


Brienne - Maid Of Tarth.jpg
Bronn - The Sellsword.jpg
Daario Naharis - Reckless Mercenary.jpg
Daario Naharis - Stormcrow Captain.jpg
Jaqen H'ghar - Unnamed.jpg
Ramsey Snow - Sadist.jpg
Ramsey Snow - The Bastard Of Bolton.jpg
Roose Bolton - The Leechlord.jpg
Theon Greyjoy - Reek.jpg
Vargo Hoat - The Crippler.jpg
Vargo Hoat - The Goat of Harrenhal.jpg

Combat Units


Bloody Mummer Skirmishers.jpg
House Bolton Bastard's Girls.jpg
House Bolton Blackguards.jpg
House Bolton Cutthroats.jpg
Stormcrow Archers.jpg
Stormcrow Mercenaries.jpg


Bloody Mummer Zorse Riders.jpg
House Bolton Flayed Men.jpg

Non-Combat Units

Jaqen H'ghar - Follower Of The Red God.jpg
Lord Varys - The Spider.jpg
Petyr Baelish - Littlefinger.jpg
Roose Bolton - Lord Of The Dreadfort.jpg
Tycho Nestoris - Iron Banker.jpg
Walder Frey - Lord Of The Crossing.jpg