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The Maneuver action allows a unit to reposition itself around the battlefield; changing its facing and advancing to a better position.


Type Action

When a Combat Unit performs a Maneuver action, it may first be pivoted to face any direction. You may then move it directly forward up to its Speed stat. Once this movie is completed, the unit may then again be pivoted to face any direction.


  • A Maneuver action may not be performed while Engaged.
  • Units may never move through enemies.
  • Units may never end a move within 1” of an enemy, except when moving as part of a Charge action.
  • While moving, units may freely move through (but never end overlapping) friendly units.[1]


Here, we see the unit of Stark Sworn Swords pivot (Step 1), move directly forward their Speed (which is 5”) (Step 2), and then pivot again (Step 3) to a new facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move and/or pivot off the table edge?

Move, no. Pivot, yes. The table edge is treated as Impassable.[2]