Mance Rayder - King Beyond The Wall

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Attachment Details

Mance Rayder - King Beyond The Wall.jpg

Faction Free Folk
Class Attachment
Points Cost Commander

"I am my own champion, my own fool, and my own harpist." - Mance Rayder

Attachment Abilities

Inspiring Presence
This unit's Morale Stat becomes 5+.
Icon Order.png Order : Cunning Strategy
When an enemy within Short Range uses an Order or is targeted by a Tactics Card : Roll a die. On a 3+ cancel that Order/Tactics Card
Rally Point
Friendly units within Short Range may use this unit's Morale Stat for all Morale Tests.

Tactics Cards

Meticulous Planning.jpg Predictable Maneuvers.jpg Wildling Diplomacy.jpg
Meticulous Planning
Start of a friendly turn :

Discard this card and 1 other Tactics Card.

Search your Tactics Deck for any 1 card and add it to your hand. Shuffle your Tactics Deck afterwards.

Predictable Maneuvers
Start of an enemy turn, if they have 2+ Unactivated Combat Units :

Target 1 enemy Combat Unit.

If that enemy activates this turn, before they perform their action, 1 friendly unit may make a free Attack action.

If that enemy is within Short Range of Mance Rayder, they also gain 1 Condition token (of your choice).

Wildling Diplomacy
When an enemy NCU activates :

Select 2 zones on the Tactics Board.

If that NCU claims either zone, deal 1 enemy Combat Unit D3+2 Wounds.

If that enemy Combat Unit is within Short Range of Mance Rayder, they also gain 1 Condition token (of your choice)

Product Details

SIF003 - Starter Set - Free Folk

Revision History


  • Inspiring Presence bonus increased from “6+” to “5+”
  • Order: Cunning Strategy added