Lord Varys - The Spider

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NCU Details

Lord Varys - The Spider.jpg

Faction Neutral
Class Non-Combat Unit
Points Cost 4

"Varys has ways of learning things that no man could know."" - Catelyn Stark

NCU Abilities

Little Birds
Varys begins the game with 4 Order tokens on him.

When an enemy NCU activates, you may expend 1 Order token on Varys and roll a die.

On a 3+, choose 1 :

  • That NCU loses all Abilities until the end of the round.
  • Cancel the effect of any zone that NCU claims this activation.

Product Details

SIF505 - Neutral Heroes 1

Revision History


  • Points cost decreased from 5 to 4 points.


  • Points cost increased from 4 to 5 points.
  • Little Birds ability reworked

Frequently Asked Questions

If an NCU has an effect that triggers when they claim a Tactic Zone, how does this interact with Varys’ Ability (given the Simultaneous Actions rule)?

Varys may roll to cancel these effects.[1]