Line of Sight

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A unit’s Line of Sight (LoS) determines what it can and cannot see. This is important for a number of reasons, but it is mostly used to determine what it can target when making attacks, as well as where it will contact an enemy when Charging.


On each unit’s tray, there are notches used to denote its Line of Sight Arcs . Each unit has four Line of Sight Arcs: their Front, Rear,and two Flanks.

What Line of Sight Arc a unit is in is very important, as units gain bonuses for Attacking and Charging enemies in their Flank and Rear.

Example LOS 01.png

To check what a unit can see, if an unbroken and unblocked line can be drawn from any point in their front arc, from their tray, to any part of their target’s tray, the target is in Line of Sight.[1] Note that other units (and some Terrain pieces) block Line of Sight.


Example 1: In LOS

Example LOS 02.png

The Lannister Guardsmen unit can see the Umber Berserker unit because at least part of their tray is in the Lannister Guardsmen’s Front Arc.

Example 2: Out of LOS

Example LOS 03.png

The Lannister Guardsmen unit cannot see the Umber Berserkers because no part of their tray is in the Lannister Guardsmen’s Front Arc.

Example 3: Blocked LOS

Example LOS 04.png

The unit of Lannister Crossbowmen cannot see the Stark Bowmen, as the 2 units in front of them are blocking any potential Lines of Sight.

Multiple LOS Arcs

If a unit ever crosses multiple Line of Sight Arcs for another unit, they will be in the Line of Sight Arc that the majority of their tray is in. This is always checked from the target unit’s perspective.


Example LOS 05.png

The Umber Berserkers wish to Charge the Lannister Guardsmen. They must first check what Line of Sight Arc they are in, as that determines where they will contact the Guardsmen. The Umber Berserkers’ tray crosses over the FRONT and FLANK LoS Arcs of the Guardsmen, but the majority of the tray is in their FLANK. This means that, if the Berserkers Charge, they will contact the Lannisters’s FLANK. Not a good position for the Guardsmen!


  1. Reworded for clarification (Target must be in Front Arc, not merely on front side of base). FAQ v1.4