Jeor Mormont - The Old Bear

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NCU Details


Faction Night's Watch
Class Non-Combat Unit
Points Cost 4

"The Wall was made to guard the realms of men … and not against other men" - Jeor Mormont

NCU Abilities

Duty To The Realms Of Men
Influence (When this unit claims a Tactics Zone, attach this card to a Combat Unit until the end of the round):

While Influencing a friendly unit, it gains the following based on what Tactics Zones you control:

Crown : Only suffers a maximum of 1 Wound from failing Panic Tests.

Crown : After Defense Dice are rolled, automatically blocks +1 Hit.

Crown : Cannot be targeted or affected by enemy Tactics Cards or NCU Abilities.

Product Details

SIF002 - Starter Set - Night's Watch

Revision History


  • Oath of Duty replaced with Duty to the Realms of Men
Oath Of Duty
Influence (Attach this card to a unit after claiming a Tactics Zone):

While Influencing a unit, you count as controlling all Tactics Zones for any Vow effects on that unit.