Jeor Mormont - 997th Lord Commander

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Attachment Details

Jeor Mormont - 997th Lord Commander.jpg

Faction Night's Watch
Class Attachment
Type Infantry
Points Cost Commander

"When dead men come hunting in the night, do you think it matters who sits the Iron Throne?" - Jeor Mormont

Attachment Abilities

This unit gains +2 to Morale Test rolls.
Will Of The Lord Commander
This unit may have 2 attached Vows. You always count as controlling all Tactics Zones for any Vow effects on this unit.

Tactics Cards

Duty To The Watch.jpg Night Gathers....jpg Unwavering Conviction.jpg
Duty To The Watch
When a friendly unit makes a Morale Test :

That unit may roll an additional die and discard the lowest result.

Vow : If the targeted unit is Night's Watch, they may attach this card, discarding any other attached Vow. That unit gains :

This unit may discard this Vow if it would fail a Morale Test to automatically pass that Test instead.

Night Gathers...
Start of any turn :

Search your Tactics Deck for any 1 Tactics Card with the Vow keyword and attach it to a friendly Night's Watch unit. If targeting Jeor Mormont's unit, also restore up to D3 Wounds to that unit.

Unwavering Conviction (Night's Watch)
When a friendly unit with an attached Vow attacks :

Opponents may not play Tactics Cards for the rest of this turn, and your unit may attack using it's highest attack die value.

Once this attack is completed, discard any Vows attached to that unit.

Product Details

SIF002 - Starter Set - Night's Watch

Revision History


  • Ability: Oath of the Black removed
Oath Of The Black
When this unit activates, it may discard an attached Vow Tactic Card and replace it with a different Vow Tactic Card from your discard pile.
  • Ability: Stalwart added
  • Ability: Will of the Lord Commander added