Jaime Lannister - The Kingslayer

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Attachment Details

Jaime Lannister - The Kingslayer.jpg

Faction Lannister
Class Attachment
Type Infantry
Points Cost Commander

"They called him the Lion of Lannister to his face and whispered "Kingslayer" behind his back." - Jon Snow

Attachment Abilities

Icon Order.png Order : Counterattack
When this unit is attacked with melee, after Attack dice are rolled : For each blocked Hit, the attacker suffers 1 automatic Hit.
Icon Order.png Order : Kingslayer's Prowess
When Jaime's unit activates :

Return 1 of Jaime's Commander Tactics cards from your discard pile to your hand.

Tactics Cards

Deadly Riposte.jpg
Expert Parry.jpg
Kingslayer's Renown.jpg

Deadly Riposte
When an enemy unit makes a Melee Attack, before attack dice are rolled : For each Miss, that enemy suffers 1 automatic Hit.

If they are attacking Jaime Lannister's unit, they suffer +2 additional automatic Hits.

Expert Parry
When a friendly unit is attacked with melee, after Attack dice are rolled : Each Defense Save roll of 6 blocks 2 Hits.

If that unit contains Jaime Lannister, rolls of 5+ block 2 Hits instead.

Kingslayer's Renown
When an enemy Combat Unit activates : That enemy becomes Weakened.

If they are within Short Range of Jaime Lannister's unit, they they also become Panicked.

Product Details

SIF001 - Starter Set - Stark vs Lannister

Revision History


  • Order : Kingslayer's Prowess reworked


  • Kingslayer's Prowess added