House Umber Greataxes

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Unit Details

House Umber Greataxes.jpg

Faction Stark
Class Combat Unit
Type Infantry
Points Cost 7

Unit Abilities

Icon Melee.png Executioner's Fury
  • If this unit began the turn engaged with the defender, the defender does not get Defense Saves against this attack.
  • If this unit has only 1 remaining rank, this attack gains Critical Blow (Rolls of 6 cause 2 hits).

Unit Overview

Umber Greataxes combine mobility, defense, and fearsome weaponry to field a unit with superior flexibility. Greataxes will chase down heavier foes, stand firm against charges, and deliver a devastating assault with their signature weapons. While not specialized in any particular combat doctrine, an experienced commander can deploy them as needed, to shore up exposed weaknesses in their own defenses or exploit an enemy's poor judgement.

Product Details

SIF104 - House Umber Greataxes

Revision History


  • Movement decreased by 1.
  • Executioner's Fury - Removed +1 to Hit when engaged


  • Movement increased by 1.
  • Executioner's Fury - Attack Profile changed from 6,4,4 to 8,6,6.
  • Executioner's Fury - To Hit changed from 2+ to 3+.
  • Executioner's Fury - Ability reworked.
  • Mighty Cleave - Removed.