House Tully Sworn Shield

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Unit Details

House Tully Sworn Shield.jpg

Faction Stark
Class Combat Unit
Type Infantry
Points Cost 6

Unit Abilities

Icon Order.png Order : Shieldwall
When this unit is attacked from the Front, after Attack dice are rolled: Automatically block D3 Hits.

Unit Overview

House Tully’s Sworn Shields bring superior armor and defensive power to the battlefield under the greater banner of House Stark. With their ability to absorb nearly any determined assault, many battles turn on their impressive holding power. While not as fast as other offensive elements, Sworn Shields often define the line behind which assault units can safely retreat after a swift dash at the enemy.

Product Details

SIF105 - Tully Sworn Shields

Revision History


  • Points cost decreased from 7 to 6 points.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Order: Shield Wall interact with the number of Defense Dice I roll?

The timing for Shield Wall is “After Attack Dice are rolled”. You would roll a D3, blocking that many Hits automatically, and then roll 1 Defense Die for each remaining Hit[1]

Who chooses which dice are blocked by Shield Wall (if a situation occurs where it would matter)?

The Sworn Shield’s owner.[2]