House Bolton Flayed Men

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Unit Details

House Bolton Flayed Men.jpg
Faction Neutral
House Bolton
Class Combat Unit
Type Cavalry
Points Cost 9

Unit Abilities

Icon Innate.png Cavalry
Each model in this unit has 3 Wounds.
At the start of this unit's activation, it may make a free Maneuver action.
Icon Melee.png War Flail
When charging, this attack gains Vicious (Defenders suffer -2 to their Panic Test), and enemies successfully charged become Panicked.

Unit Overview

The so-called Flayed Men rank among the heaviest cavalry employed by even the largest houses in the War of the Five Kings. With thick steel armor (blackened, of course), heavy shields, and even protective barding for the horses, the Flayed Men are capable of truly devastating charges and can endure in the line for a short time. Their signature war flails render most defenses only marginal at best, but their terrifying visage remains their most vital weapon.

Product Details

SIF503 - House Bolton Flayed Men

Revision History


  • Ability Ferocious Assault removed
Icon Melee.png Ferocious Assault
Enemies successfully Charged by this unit become Panicked.
  • War Flail Ability modified


  • Points cost reduced from 10 to 9 points.
  • Armor value reduced from 2+ to 3+
  • Ability Spread Fear removed
  • Ability Ferocious Assault added