House Bolton Bastard's Girls

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Unit Details

House Bolton Bastard's Girls.jpg
Faction Neutral
House Bolton
Class Combat Unit
Type Infantry
Points Cost 7

Unit Abilities

Icon Order.png Order : Charging Volley
After completing a Ranged Attack: This unit may make a free Charge action against the targeted enemy.
Icon Ranged.png Tracker's Bow
  • Long Range
  • If the defender rolls 1 on any Defense Saves, they become Vulnerable.
Icon Melee.png Blade And Fang
Vicious: (Defenders suffer -2 to their Panic Test.)

Unit Overview

Trained to corner and bring down even heavy infantry, the Bastard’s Girls are best utilized as flankers or in pursuit of fleeing foes. While they do not possess the armor to counter a determined assault, enemies suffering from their handlers’ wounding arrows make for easy prey. A fat bounty can be expected for handlers bringing down enemy commanders to await Ramsay Bolton’s ‘entertainments’ following battle.

Product Details

SIF502 - House Bolton Bastard's Girls

Revision History


  • Order : Sic 'em replaced with Order : Charging Volley for consistency with other cards
  • Ability Blade and Fang added

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any effect if I remove all the “Handler” models before removing all the “Dog” models?

No, a unit’s stats and card determine its capabilities, not the models on its tray[1]