Greatjon Umber - Lord Of Last Hearth

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Attachment Details

Greatjon Umber - Lord Of Last Hearth.jpg

Faction Stark
Class Attachment
Type Infantry
Points Cost Commander

"Grey Wind ate two of his fingers, and he laughed about it." - Robb Stark

Attachment Abilities

Icon Order.png Order : Umber Rage
When this unit makes a Melee Attack, before Attack dice are rolled:

The defender becomes Panicked and Vulnerable. This unit suffers D3 Wounds after this attack is completed.
Affiliation : House Umber

This unit counts as a House Umber unit.

Tactics Cards

Berserker Tactics Lash Out Last Stand
Berserker Tactics
When a friendly unit makes a Melee Attack, after Attack dice are rolled :

The defender suffers D3 Wounds. After this attack is completed, unless this unit only has 1 remaining rank, it suffers that many Wounds as well.

If this is a House Umber unit, you may deal 3 Wounds instead of rolling.

Lash Out
After a friendly unit is attacked with melee :

If this unit has 1 destroyed rank, deal the attacker D3. If it has 2 destroyed ranks, deal D3+2 Wounds instead.

If this is a House Umber unit, you may automatically count as having rolled a 3.

Last Stand
When a friendly unit is destroyed :

That unit may make 1 free Melee Attack, using its highest attack die value, before being removed.

If this is a House Umber unitunit, the defender also becomes Vulnerable.

Product Details

SIF001 - Starter Set - Stark vs Lannister