Greatjon Umber - Fierce Bannerman

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Attachment Details

Greatjon Umber - Fierce Bannerman.jpg

Faction Stark
Class Attachment
Type Infantry
Points Cost 3

"Your father once told me that the Greatjon was as fearless as any man he had ever known." - Catelyn Stark

Attachment Abilities

Icon Order.png Order : Overrun
When this unit destroys an enemy : Instead of Maneuvering, that unit may pivot and then make a Charge action.
If this unit is targeted by Tactics Combat.png, it may make a free Charge action instead of an Attack action.

Product Details

SIF001 - Starter Set - Stark vs Lannister

Revision History


  • Order : Fury Of House Umber - Removed.
  • Order : Overrun - Added.