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Unit Details


Faction Night's Watch
Class Combat Unit
Type Monster
Points Cost 0


May only be fielded in an army including Jon Snow.

Unit Abilities

Icon Innate.png Direwolf
* This model has 2 Wounds
* At the start of this model's activation, it may make a free Maneuver action.
Icon Melee.png Silent Predator
When this attack is selected, enemies may not play Tactics cards for the rest of the turn. Enemies do not get Defense Saves against this attack.
This unit cannot attach Vows.

The albino direwolf known as Ghost could not be more aptly named, trailing in Jon Snow's wake like an ominous shadow. On the battlefield, Ghost ranges more or less freely, having an instinctive grasp of his master's will. Capable of shocking speed and rending through armor with his powerful jaws, Ghost operates best as a flanker or in pursuit of broken troops. Indeed, the sight of a charging direwolf is enough to shake most men to their core.

Product Details

SIF002 - Starter Set - Night's Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to put a Vow attachment on Ghost?


Previously it was permitted, however Uninitiated was added with v1.5.1


Revision History


  • Ability: Silent Predator reworked
  • Ability: Uninitiated added.