Free Folk

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Marching to war

Free Folk sigil

For some in Westeros, the world ends at the Wall. Nothing lies beyond it but death. However, there are people who inhabit those lands. They are known as Wildlings to those unfamiliar with them, but they call themselves the Free Folk. Mostly consisting of loose tribes and clans, the Free Folk may seem like a scattered people, but when the call to war is sounded, they band together and form a unique and deadly force on the battlefield. Unlike the armies of Westeros, those who live north of The Wall do not have the militant training of crowns and kings, instead gaining a ferocity cultivated by the very environment they live in.

Faction Playstyle

Superior Numbers: The Free Folk can field more Combat Units than any other army, primarily due to the fact that being an untrained and motley assortment, none of their units are much of a threat individually.

Overwhelm and Overcome: When it comes to Tactics Cards, the Free Folk specialize in using their numbers to their advantage.

Strike Hard and Fast: Speed is also an important element of the Free Folk army. Their primary Tactic Zone is Maneuver zone, which should be taken (or denied, if playing against Free Folk) whenever possible.

Tactics Cards


Distraction Tactics.jpg
Group Assault.jpg
Regroup And Reform.jpg
Surrounded And Exposed.jpg
Swift Advance (Free Folk).jpg
The Endless Horde.jpg
There's Too Many!.jpg

Harma - Vanguard Commander

Diversion Tactics.jpg
Feinting Maneuver.jpg
Force March.jpg

Mance Rayder - King Beyond The Wall

Meticulous Planning.jpg
Predictable Maneuvers.jpg
Wildling Diplomacy.jpg

Rattleshirt - The Lord Of Bones

Gruesome Reminders.jpg
Jagged Trophies.jpg
Mark Of Slaughter.jpg

Styr - Magnar Of Thenn

Final Strike.jpg
Set For Charge (Free Folk).jpg
Styr's Vengeance.jpg

The Weeper - Horrific Butcher

Agonizing Deaths.jpg
Price Of Failure.jpg
Reckless Slaughter.jpg

Tormund Giantsbane - Thunderfist

Counter Charge.jpg
Rallying Assault.jpg
Rush Of Aggression.jpg


Harma - Vanguard Commander.jpg
Mance Rayder - King Beyond The Wall.jpg
Rattleshirt - The Lord Of Bones.jpg
Styr - Magnar Of Thenn.jpg
The Weeper - Horrific Butcher.jpg
Tormund Giantsbane - Thunderfist.jpg


Cave Dweller Alpha.jpg
Champion Of Bone.jpg
Chosen of Styr.jpg
Raid Leader.jpg
Spearwife Matriarch.jpg


Harma - The Dogshead.jpg
Harma - Vanguard Commander.jpg
Harma's Bannerman.jpg
Jarl - Advanced Raid Leader.jpg
Mance Rayder - King Beyond The Wall.jpg
Rattleshirt - Ruthless Slaughterer.jpg
Rattleshirt - The Lord Of Bones.jpg
Styr - Magnar Of Thenn.jpg
The Weeper - Cruel Tyrant.jpg
The Weeper - Horrific Butcher.jpg
Tormund Giantsbane - Tall-Talker, Horn-Blower, Breaker Of Ice.jpg
Tormund Giantsbane - Thunderfist.jpg
Ygritte - Spearwife Archer.jpg

Combat Units


Cave Dweller Savages.jpg
Followers Of Bone.jpg
Free Folk Raiders.jpg
Free Folk Trappers.jpg
The Bonelord's Chosen.jpg
Thenn Warriors.jpg


Savage Giant.jpg

Non-Combat Units

Craster - Ally Of Convenience.jpg
Lady Val - The Wildling Princess.jpg
Mance Rayder - Artful Tactician.jpg
Styr - Iron-Fisted Tyrant.jpg
Ygritte - Kissed By Fire.jpg