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If you wish to play a Free-For-All Multiplayer game, the following rules apply:

  • All Game Modes except A Storm Of Swords may be used.
  • Standard Deployment zones are replaced with each player choosing a table corner. Their Deployment Zone is a 12" (Long Range) box from each table edge.
  • Once the battlefield is set up, all players will roll a die, with the highest roll becoming First Player (re-roll in case of ties).
  • The First Player beings each round, with the player to their left taking the next turn, and so forth, until all units have been activated (per normal).
  • At the end of each round, the First Player token is passed to the player to the left of the current First Player.
  • Play continues until 1 player has achieved the Victory Condition(s) for the given Game Mode.
  • If all of a player's Combat Units are destroyed, they are eliminated from the game.