Fire & Blood

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Fire & Blood is a Game Mode.


18" each side.

GameMode FireBlood.png


  • Once units have been deployed, beginning with the First Player, each player will alternate selecting 2 of their opponent's deployed Combat Units and place 1 Objective Token on each of them. These tokens represent Marked Units.
  • Units costing 0 points cannot be Marked.

Special Rules

  • Marked Units roll +2 Attack Dice on all attacks.
  • When your Commander's unit activates, you may select 1 enemy Combat Unit within Long Range and place 1 Victory Point token on that unit.


  • Each time a friendly Marked Unit destroys an enemy with an Attack or Ability, gain +1 additional Victory Point.
  • Enemy Marked Units grat +2 Victory Points when destroyed.
  • Each time any enemy unit with Victory Point tokens is destroyed, gain additional Victory Points equal to the Victory Point tokens on that unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Fire and Blood, do I gain +1 additional Victory Point if my Marked unit destroys an enemy that typically would not grant VP?

Yes. The VP is being gained from the Marked unit, not the enemy.[1]