Dark Wings, Dark Words

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Dark Wings, Dark Words is a Game Mode.


SHORT RANGE each side.

GameMode DarkWingsDarkWords.png


  • Place 1 Objective token in the center of the table.
  • Each player rolls a die (re-roll ties). Whoever rolls highest will palce 1 Objective token anywhere on the battlefield at least 6" (Short Range) from any Deployment Zone and other Objective tokens. Players will alternate placing Objective tokens until there are a total of 5 on the board.
  • Objective tokens may not be placed on Terrain pieces with the Impassable keyword.

Special Rules

Secret Missions

  • At the beginning of the game, before Deployment, draw 3 Secret Mission cards and reveal them to all players.
  • Ignore all "Discard if revealed as the Open Mission" and "Reveal this Mission when..." text on Secret Mission cards. These rules are not utilised in this Game Mode.
  • At the end of each round, after Victory Conditions have been checked (also meaning after Victory Points have been scored for the round), the First Player will draw 1 card from the Secret Mission Deck and replace 1 of the revealed Secret Mission cards with it.
  • If a Secret Mission card instructs a player to select a Unit and/or Objective, all players will select a Unit/Objective (and may select different Units/Objectives).


  • Objectives do not innatey grant any bonuses and/or Victory Points for being Controlled. They only do so if instructed by a Secret Mission.
  • A unit ending a move with its tray entirely overlapping a token Claims that token.
  • A unit Controls a token it has Claimed a long as it is not Engaged by an enemy Combat Unit with more remaining Ranks than it. The moment this happens it immediately stops Controlling that token.
  • Solo units count as having remaining Ranks equal to their remaining Wounds for Controlling and Contesting Objectives.
  • Tokens that are not entirely overlapped by a unit's tray are not Claimed and are not Controlled by any unit.


  • Players must achieve +2 additional Victory Points to win this Game Mode in addition to the number based on Game Size.
  • The Victory#Victory Through Combat rule is ignored for this Game Mode.
  • Beginning on Round 2, players may complete revealed Secret Missions to each the listed Victory Points. Each Secret Mission lists the rules for completing it.
  • The "Score this Mission if 3 or more enemy units each have the same type of Condition token" mission is checked at the end of the round.