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Unit Details


Faction Night's Watch
Class Combat Unit
Type Cavalry
Points Cost 4

Unit Abilities

Each time this unit activates, it may restore up to D3 Wounds. If you control Tactics Wealth.png. restore 3 Wounds instead.
This unit is not worth Victory Points from Victory Through Combat.

Unit Description

Somewhat ragged and often unruly, Night's Watch Conscripts are literally the lowest of the low. While the Watch prefers to provide at least some training to their newest recruits, on occasion, defense of the Wall requires every man standing to grab a blade and sally forth. Liable to break and run at the first sign of serious resistance, a wise commander will not depend too heavily on the Conscript holding against heavy odds.

Product Details

SIF308 - Conscripts

Frequently Asked Questions

If an effect would cause them to lose all Abilities, can they then attach Vows?

Yes. Also noting that, when they regain their Abilities, the Vow would not be discarded (as the only criteria for discarding a Vow is placing a new one).[1]


Revision History


  • Ability: Uninitiated removed
This unit cannot attach Vows.
  • Ability: Insignificant added