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Each army is led by a powerful individual known as the Army Commander. Your Commander is chosen as part of Army Construction and determines a number of things about how your army will function on the battlefield.

  • Commanders can be identified by the Commander keyword on their Stat card and a (C) on their point cost.
  • Commanders are typically an Attachment, but, in some cases, they can be a Non-Combat Unit or, in very rare cases, even a Solo unit. This will be noted on their individual Stat card.
  • Commanders function exactly as a unit of their type (Attachment, NCU, etc) except that they also add cards to your Tactics Deck.
  • Commanders do not cost any points to add to your army.


Jaime Lannister - The Kingslayer

Here we see the Jaime Lannister - The Kingslayer Commander card, which happens to be an Attachment. It functions in all ways as a normal Attachment, except that it also lists the specific cards that Jaime adds to your Tactics Deck.

Available Commanders