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Combat Units are the bands of troops fighting on the battlefield for your cause. There are numerous types of Combat Units, each represented by their own tray of models on the tabletop. Combat Units are identified by their oversized Stat cards and will bear one of the following symbols, representing the type of unit it is:

Infantry Unit Symbol
Cavalry Unit Symbol
Monster Unit Symbol
War Machine Unit Symbol

Infantry Units are represented by a tray of 12 models. When you add an Infantry Unit to your army, you gain 1 full tray of the listed models. Models belonging to different units are never mixed together.

Infantry Unit Tray

Cavalry Units are represented by a tray of 4 models. When you add a Cavalry Unit to your army, you gain 1 full tray of the listed models. Models belonging to different units are never mixed together.

Cavalry Unit Tray

Solo Units include various other types of units, ranging from single warriors, Monsters, or large War Machine, and make use of special trays known as Small Solo Trays and Large Solo Trays, as they are usually comprised of a single model.

Solo Unit Tray - Small (left) and Large (right)

Regardless of the type of tray, they all share the following:

  • Front Arrow: The front arrow on a tray is used to mark its facing, as well as the origin point for the unit’s Ranged Attacks.
  • Individual Models: Models represent the overall health of a unit, and are usually removed as the unit suffers damage. Usually, 1 model represents 1 Wound. Some Abilities and special rules, however, might modify this. When the last Wound is lost from a unit, it is destroyed and removed from the battlefield.[1]
  • Line of Sight Arcs: These guides are used to determine what a unit can and cannot see, and also if another unit is in its Front, Flank, or Rear.
  • Ranks: While the individual models on a tray represent the unit’s overall health, the remaining ranks in a unit determine most game effects. Each Infantry Unit is composed of 3 ranks, while each Cavalry Unit is composed of 2 ranks. Solo units only ever have a single rank.[2]

Many effects will reference a unit’s remaining ranks. A rank is only lost when the very last model in it is removed, which means that if even 1 model remains in the rank, the unit gains the full benefits of having that rank.

When models are removed from a unit, they are always removed from the last remaining rank, moving from right to left, only moving to the next rank when all models from the previous rank have been destroyed.

Available Units


House Lannister House Stark
House Baratheon Night's Watch
Free Folk Neutral


House Lannister House Stark
Neutral Night's Watch


House Stark Free Folk

War Machine

Night's Watch


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  2. Reworded in 1.5