Cave Dweller Savages

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Unit Details

Cave Dweller Savages.jpg

Faction Free Folk
Class Combat Unit
Type Infantry
Points Cost 5

Unit Abilities

Icon Melee.png Ruthless Savagery
Before Attack Dice are rolled, for each of the defender's destroyed ranks, choose 1:
  • +1 to Hit and +1 Attack Die for each of the defender's destroyed ranks.
  • Sundering (Defender suffers -2 to their Defense Save rolls).
  • Defender becomes Vulnerable.

While they are indeed armed with little more than primitive weapons and armored with furs and loincloths, underestimating the sheer bloodthirst of Cave Dweller Savages has brought a quick end to more than one unwary patrol. Savages may not survive long as a vanguard unit, but for opening a hole in enemy lines or as flankers intent on unprotected archers, the Savages excel. When blood has been spilled, their ruthless grutality knows no equal.

Product Details

SIF408 - Cave Dweller Savages

Revision History


  • Ruthless Savagery reworked